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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Callum BatchelorCallum Batchelor
Paul has been an excellent instructor and would recommend him to anyone. He makes each manoeuvre easy to follow by breaking it down it steps and doesn’t pressure you to get it right on your first try. I have really enjoyed all of my lessons with Paul and he has definitely increased my confidence with driving.

Lauren RussellLauren Russell
Thank you so much for teaching me to drive for the last year and a half, we got there eventually! Your instruction has been very beneficial and I finally feel confident that I will be able to drive myself safely. I’m sure that’ll I’ll see you in the future for some motorway driving. Thank you, Lauren

Becky FrenchBecky French
Passed first time, Paul was an excellent instructor and helped me gain confidence on the road. The workbook also allowed me to track my progress and what we had covered.

Kaytlin SmithKaytlin Smith
When I first got into the car with Paul I was incredibly nervous, I couldn’t even tell him what the pedals were called. Since that moment Paul has helped me become a confident young driver who passed my test first time with only two minors at the beginning of December. After being in a small car accident myself I didn’t like being in vehicles at all, let alone being in control of one and I knew it would be a slow process for me to learn to drive. Paul was patient, understanding and was 100% supportive all the way. It took me a while but I eventually got there and we started working towards my test. Paul told me everything and anything I would need to know for my test to help me feel calmer about the whole situation. No matter how many questions I asked and how many times I asked the same questions, it was never an issue. I am so grateful for the lessons I had with Paul, I will forever remember the process of learning to drive with him.

Elliot CrossElliot Cross
I think that you are a fantastic instructor as you always are calm in the car, this is different to some of my friends as some of their instructors shouted and were loud. I found the workbook helpful to track what we would do each lesson, it also helped me to understand what the examiner would look for in the test. Overall I highly reccomend you as an instructor because of this.

Natasja GreenNatasja Green
Paulino is a wonderful driving instructor, he helps you stay calm and collected in lessons along with feeling confident in what you learn. He’s also easy to talk to and have a joke with within the lessons. Once failing my first test I was very nervous to get back on the road, Paul helped me by taking me driving in the quieter roads and taking lessons slowly, there was no rush or pressure felt when learning to drive again. Thank you Paul for everything and helping my confidence on the roads. 10/10 would recommend.

Dan FarmboroughDan Farmborough
I found Paul to be very supportive and he pushed me, but at my own pace. I never felt pressured and always looked forward to my driving lessons.

Ella MillerElla Miller
After a couple of not so good experiences with previous instructors, I lost a lot of confidence. After a few lessons with Paul, I felt my confidence coming back, which quickly built. He’s calm, patient and explains things in a thorough and understandable way. I came away from each lesson feeling like I was actually getting somewhere (which I didn’t previously) as I had a lot of variety in lessons. I couldn’t recommend Paul more!

Daniel WitheringtonDaniel Witherington
Paul has been a first-class teacher and the consistency and quality of his lessons helped me pass without issues. The course was very user friendly and was easy to follow. Thanks again Paul, all the best, Dan

Elisse BrettElisse Brett
I’ve heard so many great things about Paul from other people so I really didn’t want to go with anyone else and I’m so glad I didn’t! Paul is a superb driving instructor, he put me at ease straight away and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and always looked forward to my next one. He gives you an LDC system book which is great as you can track your progress and make notes on anything you would like to work on for next time. Paul also has handout sheets which are great as they explain the manoeuvres in detail and also ‘show me tell me’ questions which you get asked in your test. He gives you everything you need to be test ready. Paul is very accommodating and so generous with his time, I was always out a bit longer than expected and I’m so grateful for that as that overall gave me more experience on the road. He has so much patience, knowledge and always goes above and beyond because he really cares. I wouldn’t recommend anyone but Paul Conquest.

Harriet RecordHarriet Record
You have helped me to gain my confidence on the roads. Thanks, Harriet

Jaki SloaneJaki Sloane
When finding the right instructor it was both important to me to go with good recommendation and some one who used a system that gave tools to aid the learning experience. The LDC system book helps you to reflect on your lesson and therefore retain things in a digestible way as well as plan ahead. Paul even helped with his own handout sheets on execution of manoeuvres and show me and tell me questions and answers to work with ahead of the test. In the past I had been put off driving, I have some minor physical limitations with my health and some days this could affect how much I could do. Paul was very accommodating with extra back supports and plenty of understanding when I was unwell and needed to rearrange to be fit to drive. He even took me to the triangle sports centre, so I could put a deep heat patch on my back before my test! I truly appreciate that I never felt under any pressure to hurry though my lessons. If anyone has any auto immune conditions and thinks driving is not for them you could be pleasantly surprised. I found joy and confidence in my experience of learning to drive with Paul’s methodical teaching style and now I’ve passed I’ve found a new sense of independence! Thank you Paul :)

Hana KonigHana Konig
I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Paul. His calm approach really put me at ease and I always looked forward to the lessons. The LDC workbook helped make the process very clear and easy to understand and Paul always took the time to make sure I felt confident with each of the manoeuvres and all in all helped me become a safe and confident driver. I cannot fault Paul's teaching and I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you so much!

Chloe TurnerChloe Turner
I feel lucky to have found such a good driving instructor, as I wasn't a very confident beginner, but Paul really helped me! Overall it's been an amazing experience and I couldn't have done it without this company, but most importantly Paul! I would highly recommend Paul. Thank you for everything.

Harry DaviesHarry Davies
I started taking driving lessons with Paul the day after my 17th birthday. Especially at the start of the process, I was very nervous, but Paul was always calm and good at putting me at ease. He was very patient whenever I made a mistake while driving, simply asking me where I'd gone wrong and how I could improve. He was also very thorough, paying attention to every aspect of driving and going through each of them in great detail. Due to Paul's methodical way of teaching, I passed my test on the first time. I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive, as he is easy to talk to and a very good teacher!

Lottie StokesLottie Stokes
Learning to drive with Paul has been a great experience. Paul was recommended by a friend and I don’t think I could have hoped for a better instructor. His patience is huge and he has the ability to make you feel calm in potentially stressful situations. Paul’s easy to understand teaching, along with the LDC workbook really helped me become a confident driver. Thank you Paul!

Elliot SpencerElliot Spencer
Learning to drive with Paul has been simply brilliant. He managed to make even the hardest driving manoeuvres seem effortless by clearly breaking down each stage individually and thoroughly, making them far easier for me to understand and complete effectively. I could not recommend Paul enough to anyone who is think about learning to drive.

Alex SatchwellAlex Satchwell
I really enjoyed my learning experience. Paul makes it easy to understand when you are struggling with something and is always patient and encouraging.

Toby DadsonToby Dadson
Thank you for helping me gain my full licence, I feel like I’ve learned quicker and become a better driver with you thank you :)

Ollie BlakeOllie Blake
Learning to drive with Paul has been a very positive experience. He is very calm and patient and with the LDC driving skills book the process is very clear and easy to understand and I always knew what to expect from each lesson. I would highly recommend Paul - thank for helping me gain my driving licence.

Rosie BurkeRosie Burke
Paul was recommended to me by multiple friends and I have really enjoyed learning to drive with him. He is very patient and friendly and makes you feel comfortable from the very first lesson. I felt confident going into my test and this was down to Paul’s teaching. The LDC system worked really well for me as there is a clear structure to the course and following along with the workbook helped me to consolidate everything I’d learnt in the lessons. Thank you Paul!

Henry De KleeHenry De Klee
In my experience of learning to drive, I have had 5 instructors (2 of which being my parents) and Paul has easily been the most brilliant, patient and effective teacher. Within one week in the Mini Cooper, Paul had covered all bases capably and made me test-ready. Driving was made easy, fun and safe. Thank you Paul!

Sophie ChildsSophie Childs
Paul was an excellent driving instructor and learning to drive with him was wonderful. He was very patient and never rushed me into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with, instead he encouraged me in the driving I was happy doing thus giving me the confidence to try new and more difficult driving skills. Not only did he teach me to pass my test, he also taught me other driving manoeuvres that I will need to know now I have passed. The LDC Driving Skills workbook was a great help at the beginning when I had just started learning, but also was a great way to track my progress throughout my time with Paul. The lessons were structured and every one of them had a purpose, there was no time wasted at all. I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had driving with Paul, and I highly recommend him as an instructor!

Danielle GraysonDanielle Grayson
After a bad experience, I finally found Paul. He helped me overcome all my problems and made sure I was 100% ready before taking my practical test! Thank-you Paul for being so patient with me.

Laura DaviesLaura Davies
“Learning to drive with Paul has been an absolute pleasure. As a nervous driver, Paul’s patience and understanding have been essential to my progress. Not only did I feel completely at ease with Paul, but he made me genuinely excited for my lessons. Paul is an exemplary instructor and I can’t recommend him enough! The LDC Driving Skills Workbook was a huge help, especially towards the beginning of my driving. Recording my successes and struggles really helped Paul to cater my lessons to what I needed. We went at my own pace, dedicating extra time to things when necessary which made a huge difference!”.

Joseph NabeelJoseph Nabeel
I couldn’t be happier with my experience learning to drive with Paul. He was very committed to getting me to pass as soon as possible and always encouraged a positive mindset. Whilst learning to drive is not easy, Paul made it as easy as possible for me and was very patient whenever I had difficulties. He also provided the LDC driving skills book which was very helpful for me when I needed to be reminded of certain maneuvers as well as how to approach certain road layouts. I would certainly recommend Paul to anyone looking for an instructor in the area, he is quick to reply and makes the process as seamless as possible. Overall thrilled!

Chloe PullenChloe Pullen
Paul made each lesson different yet fun ensuring you came away from the lesson having learnt something new every time. His constant encouragement and patience helped with my confidence on the roads. A Great instructor that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting an enjoyable experience while learning to drive. Thanks Paul

Katie MannKatie Mann
Both my cousins recommended Paul to me, and I am very glad that I had him as my driving instructor! He was really calm, patient and gave me a lot of confidence. The structure of the lessons was very clear and they were always explained really well, step by step. I really enjoyed my lessons and Paul was always very encouraging and it made my experience so fun!! Thank you so much for everything you have taught me and now I am very confident in my driving abilities. I would strongly recommend Paul.

Natallia TikhomirovaNatallia Tikhomirova
After being highly disappointed with poor quality of driving lessons I received from a driving instructor from one famous driving school, I then came across LDC and Paul online. From the first lesson, I realised that I’ve made the right choice. The lessons were very informative and good structured, giving me the opportunity to become a confident driver and pass my driving test after a Semi-intensive Course with Paul. If you are looking for highly professional, encouraging and endlessly patient driving instructor, who will help you to pass the practical driving test, Paul is the one to choose!

Esther ForgieEsther Forgie
Passed first time with zero faults
Lots of my friends recommended Paul, and I'm so glad I ended up having him as my driving instructor! Driving with Paul was always fun and professional, he has taught me to become a very confident and safe driver. Paul was so generous with time, I always had longer lessons than expected and I'm so grateful for that, as I feel that a bit of extra time helped build up my confidence and overall give me more experience on the road. Paul is very calm which helped me say relaxed when I made mistakes! I've learnt so many skills with Paul, that I will remember for life. The work book was helpful, as it helped me realise what I'd achieved and what needed improving. I passed my test first time with 0 minors, all thanks to Paul's amazing approach to teaching, so THANK YOU so much!

Angus ClarkAngus Clark
Passed first time with zero faults
Paul has been a great driving instructor making it very easy to learn the basics to then build on in order to pass my test. The LDC driving booklet has been an essential part to learn and memories key details for the test as well as after lessons to reflect and consolidates what has been learnt prior to the next lesson. Paul makes the lesson both engaging and fun make the time fly but ultimately is a great instructor. It is to him I owe a great thanks for teaching me to drive not just to past my test but for life ahead.

Flora LonieFlora Lonie
I found the LDC system worked really well for me due to the clear structure so as I knew when and how to cover the various sections within learning to drive. As an instructor I would highly recommend Paul for anyone, as he had a really calm and friendly attitude that for me made what could have been a stressful experience much more enjoyable.

Eve BollandEve Bolland
I would thoroughly recommend Paul as a driving instructor. He gave me a lot of confidence as a new driver and had a very relaxed approach. He explained the procedures clearly and went through everything thoroughly. The LDC system of tuition is really good. You are provided with a book that goes through all the lessons and everything you need to remember, it also has the test requirements to go with each lesson. I would highly recommend this program of learning and Paul as a teacher!

Neesha WilliamsNeesha Williams
Zero Faults
Hi Paul I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!! Without you I wound never have passed with such confidence and understanding of driving, you taught me so much and I learnt to believe in myself as you believed in me and my potential to succeed!!! I’m still on cloud 9 and can’t believe that I passed my test with no minors at all!!! I had bad experiences before with previous instructors but you changed my whole outlook of driving and I never thought I would ever say that I enjoy doing manoeuvres but with your guidance you taught me such an amazing technique that makes performing these enjoyable and easy!!! In just two and a half weeks you helped me achieve my dreams of becoming a driver and I will forever be grateful to you!! Thank you so much Paul you are the BEST!!

Maya RobertsonMaya Robertson
Passed first time with zero faults
After both of my sisters learnt to drive with Paul and passed first time, it was inevitable for me to have him as my instructor. The process of learning to drive with him has been far easier than I imagined driving would be, he made it very easy to understand and had a great, calm way of teaching me. With the help of the LDC workbook, and Paul's expertise, I managed to learn to drive with only 33 lessons, and I passed my practical test first time with no faults! I would not have managed this without him and his informative teaching methods - I highly recommend Paul and the LDC system for anyone looking for a brilliant instructor. Thank you so much Paul - from all of the Robertsons.

Imogen BennettImogen Bennett
Passed first time with zero faults
Learning to drive with Paul has been a breeze! He is calm and patient and made every lesson productive. I am so grateful for his generosity with his time and how encouraging he was throughout the whole process. Each lesson had a goal and a way of getting there and using the LDC workbook to check off targets was extremely rewarding. Using Paul’s advice I passed quickly, first time and with no faults and I could not be happier! Thank you Paul

Leanne CracknellLeanne Cracknell
First Time Pass
Passed first time! Could not have achieved this without having such a brilliant instructor! Personally, I have had a fair share of driving instructors and Paul is by far the most educated and makes me feel the most comfortable throughout my lessons. My very first lesson Paul provided me with an LDC driving skill workbook which I found very useful. Furthermore, every single one of my lessons were carried out very professionally as Paul provided me with a clear structure of what each lesson would involve and at the end of each lesson he would go through on what went well and what I needed to improve on. Also, he had numerous of great resources to use when revising for the theory test and preparing for my practical. On top of being a great teacher, he is very talkative and friendly which made the whole experience even better! Paul always went out his way to spend extra time with me to ensure I was happy with how the lesson went. Paul has prepared me for every situation I could potentially come to face with on the road and how to handle them safely. Overall, Paul has given me the confidence to be a safe driver and I would 100% highly recommend Paul to anyone!

Kat FantonKat Fanton
Starting to learn to drive at 28 and with anxiety was always going to be a scary move. I googled every driving instructor within a 20 mile radius to try and find someone who suited me. I finally came across Paul, I booked my first lesson via the LDC website and he got in contact with me nice and quickly and had a Saturday spot, result! He provided me with an LDC workbook which sets out everything you’ll come to learn as lessons, a lot of things get ticked off without you even thinking about doing them. I really liked the structure of the LDC system, I could read up on what was to come which helped me to prepare. Especially when it came to the dreaded roundabout! My first lesson with Paul was brilliant, we went up to 15 miles an hour during the 2 hours and it felt like the speed of light. Everything was new, scary and driving on the road with others seemed impossible. Paul has the patience of a saint, I never once felt like he was telling me off or patronising me, which was something I had worried about. He helps you in a constructive way, he’ll talk through errors you make to help you understand why you made them, and how to avoid them next time. I failed my first test, I had a lot of external stress and had no one to blame except myself, I had lessons between that and my next test and we went over what I had done wrong and made sure it would not happen again, and it didn’t! Paul really is a fantastic teacher, he’s generous with time and advice, easy to talk to and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Katalin BaksaineKatalin Baksaine
I started learning to drive last April 2016. After bad experiences with two other driving instructors, in March 2017 I contacted Paul for a home visit because I wanted to continue and I heard so much good things about him. I knew on that visit he is so much different compared to my previous experiences. Paul told me then, he's quite busy so I might need to wait a bit but he'd try to get me an assessment lesson to see where I am at as soon as he can. And then he contacted me the next day because he had a cancelation! And in April I started to have lessons with Paul and he was amazing! Before him I started to believe I'd never be capable of driving but he changed everything for me. He's been so calm and patient on every lesson, he always made me feel at ease and encouraged me when I started to have doubts in myself and in my driving. Using the LDC workbook was brilliant, we could check my progress in it at the end of my lessons and then I could get prepared for my next lesson by watching the DVD and reading the book, and with the amazing videos on youtube by LDC. Paul believed in me even when I didn't and he really proved me wrong because I passed my test first time. Still hard to believe. I am so grateful for Paul for everything he's done for me in the last few months, he helped me achieve something that I've dreamt of for years! He is an amazing teacher and a brilliant person, he gives so much to the people he's teaching! I am really going to miss our weekly drive. Thank you so much again, Paul, it's been a fantastic experience, learning to drive with you!

Evie PopeEvie Pope
Going in to my first driving lesson I was very nervous and excited! Through the LDC workbook Paul took me step by step through each driving element. He was very patient and understanding when I made little (or big!) mistakes, this made the lessons enjoyable and stress free. I found the LDC system and workbook very helpful as it helped me to visualise each manoeuvre and road situation, it also helped to be able to look back over the lessons to revise things I was unsure of. I have recommended Paul to many of my friends as he is lovely and a brilliant teacher!

Alice ErtlAlice Ertl
Zero Faults
I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Paul Conquest, as did my sister before me. He is extremely thorough and patient and totally reliable. He is always positive and encouraging and makes you feel at ease, even when you are having your very first lessons. The LDC system and workbook are really comprehensive and guide you seemlessly through everything you need to cover to be successful in your test..

Daisy MartinDaisy Martin
Paul is an excellent driving instructor, very calm, patient and thorough in his teaching. At the beginning of every lesson the aims of the drive were clearly explained, and having the LDC driving skills handbook to tick of my achievements at the end of each lesson was a great way to keep track of my progress. Paul did not just teach me to pass my test, he has taught me how to be a safe and confident driver, going beyond test requirements to teach me all the skills I need on the roads. The hour did not just start as soon as I sat in the car, but once I started driving, making sure I got the most time possible out on the roads, which was absolutely brilliant. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone in the area looking to learn to drive.

Bronwen LathamBronwen Latham
Paul has been the best teacher I have had with driving! He is patient, informative and his teachings have not only made me a safe driver but also a very confident one! Could not recommend him enough!

Gary BullGary Bull
Passed 1st time
When I decided that I wanted to learn to drive, I researched different driving instructors, and even watched alot of videos on youtube. I came across LDC, and found that my local instructor was Paul Conquest, I decided to do a home visit to make sure he was right for me. After meeting him I told him, that I wanted an instructor that if I were to make any mistakes, I would not get shouted at, and he never did, always polite and calm, I've spent the past 8 months, once a week with him and I am so happy that I did. I would have a few lessons where i might have felt that I couldn't get it right, but Paul always believed in me. The LD System itself is fantastic, having a dvd to watch, then going threw the quiz in the work book. The word Thank You doesn't seem to express how it has made me feel to finally pass the driving test 1st Time. I had Paul sit in the back on the test and Im so happy that I did, I know that he couldn't say anything, but seeing him in the rear view mirror, made me feel that little bit better, and reminded me a times what i needed to do. Once again Paul, You have been a great driving instructor. Thank You for everything you have taught me.

Harvey SharpeHarvey Sharpe
Learning to drive with Paul was a really good experience, he couldn't have it made any easier to learn. He was really flexible with lessons and even managed to get a few extra prep lessons before taking my test. He was great during the lessons as well he was always calm and his advice was always helpful and I feel this advice was crucial to me passing, so overall, I had a great experience with Paul and would highly recommend Paul for anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Becky WyldeBecky Wylde
Zero Faults
Paul was a very enthusiastic and patient driving instructor who I had driving lessons with weekly. All of his lessons were very well structured and I feel I did not miss anything out. In addition, Paul was very generous with lesson timings which helped me gain my confidence whilst learning to drive. Driving with Paul has definitely ensured me to safe driving for life. He would fit me in any time I could do working around my work and studies. Paul has been a great instructor and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants a reliable teacher. Thank you Paul so much for teaching me to drive and help me pass first time with zero faults!

Fran AllenFran Allen
Paul was highly recommended to me by many of my friends and has been an amazing instructor. From the first lesson he made me feel calm and gave me the confidence I needed to start driving. Every lesson was enjoyable and after every lesson I felt a sense of achievement due to the workbook because I could see what I did during the lesson and what I would be doing next lesson. Thank you Paul for teaching me to drive and helping me pass first time, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you

Anne Marie WhitingAnne Marie Whiting
Passed 1st time
Having undertaken research, LDC seemed to be the most forward looking and pro active way of learning to drive, providing a DVD and manual to look at prior to and as a recap after lessons. Having met Paul I knew I would have to work hard but felt immediately very comfortable. His teaching methods are superb and I swiftly looked forward to my lessons. We progressed through topics at a steady pace and in no time I had grasped the basics. In the last few weeks before my test I started to struggle with confidence - Paul was insistent that I believe in myself and with gentle and appropriate persuasion I galloped to a first time pass. I cannot thank this magnificent teacher enough for his efforts! Do not hesitate to learn to drive with him.

Beth HowellBeth Howell
I began learning with Paul after being recommended by a friend, his calm and patient approach to teaching has really helped me to become a safe and competent driver. His clear and thorough tactics with manoeuvres helped me to feel confident completing them for my test. Paul has been very patient and is always willing to recap any part of the lesson with me.

Eleanor JohnsonEleanor Johnson
I would highly recommend Paul and the LDC because not only is he patient if you make a mistake, he talks you through everything so you feel completely comfortable before learning any new manoeuvres. Learning with Paul also allows you the opportunity to get a free workbook that helps explain everything you will need to know before your test, which in my mind, was the most valuable thing of the course because it allowed me to refresh myself on whatever I had been taught. I would strongly recommend Paul.

Jacob AyerstJacob Ayerst
Paul is a great instructor who I saw weekly for a driving lesson. He is friendly, reliable and easy to make conversation with which I personally thought was great as it made me feel more comfortable when in the car. At the end of each lesson we would go over what we just did by using the driving book as a guide which allowed me to see areas which I needed more work on or areas which I had done well in. We would then also discuss what we are doing in the following lesson which allowed me to plan ahead using the LDC book so I had some knowledge of what I was doing in that lesson. Overal I really enjoyed my time learning to drive using LDC and feel strongly that it is due to Paul and his good teaching techniques, which is why I passed first time, I also found that the LDC book was helpful as i could refer to it when unsure on certain areas. I would definitely recommend Paul to my friends and family!

Beth MushamBeth Musham
First Time Pass
So Happy to have past my test first time since having driving lessons with Paul. He is a great driving instructor and made everything he taught easy to understand and made me feel confident at it too. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Paul :)

Megan TrotmanMegan Trotman
Learning with Paul and LDC has really improved my confidence when driving. Paul would start the lesson by going through what we would learn and then finish the lesson by ticking it off in the LDC drivers hand book and going through what the test requirements for that particular section were. The lessons would often run longer so we could do as much as possible which meant I progressed quickly. Thanks Paul!

Josie BatchelorJosie Batchelor
Paul taught many of my family members so he was always highly recommended. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with him as there was never any pressure and I felt very comfortable the whole time. Every lesson was detailed and structured so I was always able to understand and gain confidence in the topics. Paul was always a pleasure to drive with and an excellent teacher. He had a lot of patience and I was never afraid to ask him silly questions! I would recommend him if you want a reliable, professional and relaxed teacher as well as an enjoyable and quick driving experience.

Phoebe HoneyPhoebe Honey
Paul was recommended to me by a couple of family members who had passed first go with Paul. I have loved all my lessons and have found Paul’s calm and patient teaching style incredibly helpful. His clear teaching methods and support have helped me gain in confidence throughout my driving experience. I found the workbook useful as this meant that I could go over previous sections that I was less confident with and the questions at the end of each section meant I was able to consolidate my learning. I would recommend Paul to anyone learning to drive as he teaches you to be a safe and competent driver rather than just the basic skills needed to pass your test. He’s been a great teacher and I cannot thank him enough for all his help!

Leila MaddockLeila Maddock
Paul has been a great driving instructor who was always enthusiastic, calm and patient. He gave me many handy tips about the road which made me feel more confident behind the wheel. I also enjoyed working from the driving skills booklet as it allowed me to keep progress on my driving and see which areas needed improvement easily. Overall, I would thoroughly recommend Paul as a driving instructor and have massively enjoyed learning to drive with him. Thanks!

Natalie RichardsNatalie Richards
I started the Test Booster course after a 5 year break from my last test. I thought I would never pass but my boyfriend convinced me to give this course a chance as it was perfect for people who had reached test standard but hadn’t driven for a while. I was very nervous at first, but after my first lesson with Paul I started to gain confidence and enjoy driving again. The LDC system of learning suited me as it gave me the chance to review what I had covered in the practical lessons. I found this helped me remember the theory aspect of driving so I could concentrate more on the practical side in my lessons. Paul is an excellent instructor, he is patient, knowledgeable and wanted to make sure I understood everything we had gone through and was comfortable with it. My advice to anyone who has had a break from driving, failed a test or two and maybe feels they will never pass to give this course a chance. I was in the same position and am now looking forward to buying my first car, something a few months ago I never thought would happen.

Quanah ClarkQuanah Clark
Passed first time and zero faults
Paul Conquest took me on late in my driving experience and he managed to refine and perfect skills in a calm and considered manner. his years of experience really showed in lessons, passing on many tricks and tips for safe driving. He allowed me to gain confidence on the roads through his friendly teaching that would put me at ease on some of the hardest roads and how to deal with un known situations, and put the fears to the back of my mind. I would highly recommend Paul for a driving instructor, providing flexible lesson times and durations.

Lucy OldingLucy Olding
Paul has been the best driving instructor I could have hoped for. His patient and encouraging attitude, combined with the LDC Driving Skills Workbook and well-planned lessons gave me the biggest opportunity possible to become a safe driver. Paul’s teaching is focussed not only on assisting learners to pass their test, but to give his students the skills necessary for a lifetime of safe driving. I was extremely nervous about the driving test, itself, but Paul’s teaching made it possible for me to pass and have the confidence to drive alone. I would thoroughly recommend Paul as a driving instructor to everyone who would like to drive or even just to improve upon their existing driving skills. Thank you, Paul!

Rina NayeeRina Nayee
I really enjoyed each lesson and I felt that I learnt a lot, I thought you were very patient with me when I did not get certain things the first time and you were very supportive. Thank you for the lessons and I wish you all the best for the future.

Bethany O'DellBethany O'Dell
Paul was recommended to me by many friends and family members. Paul has been the most amazing driving Instructor. If I didn't get something or didn't understand something, Paul was very easy to talk to and really helped to explain things to me and was extremely patient.Paul understood my way of learning and adapted the way he taught, to suit my learning needs. Paul has really helped me boost my confidence and made driving a fun experience.

Sam MitchellSam Mitchell
Passed first time and zero faults
Paul has been an incredible driving instructor throughout the whole of my time learning to drive. His calm, supportive nature really helped me to gain confidence in my driving. Not only was I able to pass my test first time as a result of Paul’s excellent teaching, he has also helped me to develop skills and confidence in my abilities that will keep me safe when driving for many years to come. I enjoyed the structure of the course and feel that the LDC driving skills workbook ensured all topics were covered and allowed consolidation of learnt skills after each lesson. Overall, from teaching both my older brother and myself to drive, Paul is a superb instructor who I would happily recommend to anyone.

Alex WyldeAlex Wylde
Paul was recommended to me by my friends and I'm glad I took their advice! From the start I found Paul to be an extremely calm and friendly instructor, who really reassured me as a learner, making lessons enjoyable and constructive. Paul was very generous with the timings of his lessons, which enabled me to work through the comprehensive LDC guidebook. Not only did I learn skills required for my driving test, but also valuable experience which I am sure will be essential now I have passed my test. Thank you very much Paul, you've been a great instructor!

Louise SiddawayLouise Siddaway
I would highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor, he is a calm and patient teacher. Each lesson was well planned and structure so every topic was thoroughly covered. Paul’s approach to teaching really helped me to turn into a confident driver.

Emily PeachEmily Peach
Learning to drive with Paul has been a really enjoyable experience. Paul has always been so generous with his time making the lessons good value. My lessons were structured and easy to follow thanks to Paul's great knowledge of driving. I liked how the Driving Skills Workbook we used had clear aims for each lesson and had a short quiz at the end to test my knowledge. The Driving Skills Workbook was also useful for looking back over previous lessons to refresh my memory. Thank you for all your help Paul!

Sophie FraserSophie Fraser
Paul was recommended to me by a friend and I have really enjoyed learning how to drive with him, especially as he is so patient and calm. I felt the lessons were well structured and Paul simplified harder aspects of driving which really helped to boost my confidence and this helped me to maintain a high standard of driving. Paul has taught me to drive confidently and safely and I would highly recommend him. Thank you Paul!

Gemma FraserGemma Fraser
As an instructor, Paul couldn't have been more helpful, making sure I was confident with every aspect of the driving course before taking my test. His lessons were always well planned and his calm and patient approach meant that any nerves I had about driving soon disappeared. The LDC Driving Skills Workbook was easy to follow and understand, meaning I could revisit aspects of the course which I was less confident in and read up on the next lesson. I was extremely happy to pass my test first time and cannot thank Paul enough!

Liam GreenLiam Green
I would like to say a really big thank you to Paul for getting me thought my driving test. He is very patient and an extremely good instructor and he has made me feel confident from the start. I also found the driving skills workbook very useful, as I could look through it in between lessons to refresh things we had covered, so all in all my experience learning to drive with Paul was one I will always be grateful for. Once again thanks Paul.

Saul and FernSaul and Fern
This is a message I received from a very happy Mother called Nicky after both her son and daughter passed their driving tests. Saul completed a 1 week intensive course and Fern completed a Semi intensive course. Paul, I wanted to thank you for the fantastic intensive driving courses you provided for both Saul and Fern enabling them to pass their tests first time (with only 2 and 3 minors). Without your patience and confidence in Fern, settling her nerves I'm not sure she would've passed. I will not hesitate to recommend you and will contact you when Josh turns 17 next year. Best regards Nicky

Jazmin RaingerJazmin Rainger
I started learning with Paul after a bad experience with a couple of other instructors. My friend suggested I try with her instructor. I got on really well with him as he is so calm and easy to talk to. Paul works out where you need help with and will work with you on these areas. He is very calm and patient and worked really well with me as I have dyslexia and struggle with things such as lefts and rights etc. The book is great because you can revise what your going to do in your next lessons as well as what you've already done. A great way to learn to drive. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone who asked. I passed first time as a lot of Paul's students do. A brilliant teacher. Thank you so much!!

Emma MiddletonEmma Middleton
I first heard about Paul through my family and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He is a great teacher and easily approachable and explains the lessons in great detail for you to be able to fully understand what to do. With the help of the Driving Skills Work Book it allowed me to keep track of my progress and know where I was heading next. I was very lucky to pass first time from the help and support from Paul. It was a pleasure to learn from Paul, I really appreciate the flexible hours he put in and the calm and relaxed approach he had towards me when I was learning. Thank you again Paul.

Lewis HowellLewis Howell
I came to Learn with Paul off a high recommendation from friends who have also learnt to drive by Paul's unique style. At the start I was very nervous about driving but Paul's calm nature and patience quickly took the edge off and I soon felt comfortable behind the wheel. Fortunately I took to driving well and soon passed my driving test first time as many of Paul's pupils do! I found the LDC system very easy to follow as its a step by step guide essentially. The free workbook also made it easy to track what progress I had made and also to prepare for future lessons. Thank you again Paul it's been fantastic learning with you.

Olivia HoneyOlivia Honey
I decided to learn with Paul after he was recommended by family and I have really enjoyed learning to drive both with Paul and the LD system. Paul's calm and patient teaching approach helped me to feel relaxed and confident behind the wheel. He was also very generous with his time and I definitely got my money's worth! The LD system was a great way to learn and gave the lessons a unique structure. Having the workbook to complement the lessons was really useful and helped me to get the most out of my driving time. The workbook also enabled me to refresh my memory throughout the course and consolidate my learning. I would highly recommend Paul and the LD system to anyone else learning to drive!

Rob DowlingRob Dowling
Paul has been a fantastic driving instructor and enjoyable company while I learned to drive this year. Passing my driving test first time, and feeling comfortable while doing so, is testament enough to Paul's standard of teaching. He made me feel comfortable in the car, was always giving me his full attention during every lesson and I always felt like I was getting my money's worth and then some. In addition to this, the free driving skills workbook was a huge help in refreshing my memory on what had been covered in each lesson, and prepare myself for the next - an invaluable tool. Thanks again Paul for all your help!

Freya JacksonFreya Jackson
I had been advised to use Paul by both family and friends who had passed their test first time and are now competent drivers, and it was one of the greatest decisions I've made! His friendly and relaxed approach helped me to control my nerves and build up my confidence as a driver. Paul's lessons were thoroughly enjoyable, and I was able to transfer the skills I learnt in to my own car so that I could go out with my parents and enhance my experience on the roads. Having the LDC workbook was very helpful as it meant I could read the next lesson in advance or revisit lessons which I was less confident with. I was delighted when I passed first time with only 2 minors, and I would strongly recommend Paul and LDC as I had such a great experience. Freya passed her test with a well deserved and excellent result of only 2 minor faults and decided to use her own car on test as I was on holiday. Congratulations Freya!

Halina KempsonHalina Kempson
I was desperate to start learning to drive as soon as I turned 17 and when my friend recommended Paul after she had passed first time, I was sure he was a good choice! Paul was calm and patient and kept the lessons at a steady pace so that I was constantly challenged, however I still felt comfortable and safe. I really liked the LDC driving skills workbook because it meant I could easily keep track of my progress, and I could also recap any lesson I was unsure of! Paul helped to build my confidence and within just 6 months I have passed my test first time and am looking forward to a life time of safe driving. I know I wouldn't have been able to do this without Paul's friendly and calm approach to lessons and I couldn't thank him enough!

Harry ThompsonHarry Thompson
Learning to drive with Paul and the LDC system has been such a great experience. The clearly structured driving skills workbook, setting out the content of each lesson and explaining any prior information required, combined with Paul's support, infinite knowledge, and patience, has made learning to drive a truly enjoyable experience. I found Paul's instructive approach, explaining the details before applying them in practise, really useful and the most effective way of mastering the various areas required for safe and appropriate driving. What became clear straight away was that for Paul, the goal was not simply passing the driving test, but rather preparing us in the best way possible for the future, even covering areas that would not appear in the test but would be important in preparation for future motoring. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough and I hope that many more people make the wise decision to choose him and the LDC system to transform them into happy, highly competent, and safe drivers.

Sophie O'DellSophie O'Dell
I decided to choose Paul Conquest as my driving instructor after many recommendations from friends at college. Paul's teaching method made sure I felt comfortable and even though I had no experience in driving beforehand, I knew I was safe and being eased into learning with Pauls stress-free attitude to driving. I very much appreciated that Pauls main goal for whoever he teaches is not just to pass the driving test, but to ensure they achieve safe driving for life. Even with a busy schedule, Paul will always find time to give you lessons weekly and will plan lessons around your work or college. Due to the help and dedication I received from Paul and the LDC programme I managed to pass first time. I could not recommend him highly enough. Thank you Paul!

Lauren EagleLauren Eagle
I learnt with Paul after he was recommended to me by a friend and I could not have asked for a better instructor. He was always patient and friendly and I felt like he genuinely wanted to help me be a good and safe driver, not just to get me through my test. The pace of my lessons was just right so as to keep challenging me but not to be scary and I liked having the work book so that I could prepare for lessons and revise what I had learnt with Paul. I was so pleased to pass first time and could not have done it without Paul and all his hard work, he was always willing to go the extra mile.

Chris PhilpotChris Philpot
I was very nervous about learning to drive, and put it off until my mid-twenties. A friend recommended Paul, who had taught her and her brother, as well as the LD system. I can't thank her or Paul enough. The workbook at the heart of the LD system breaks down the process of learning to drive into bite-sized chunks. Tracking your progress reassures you of your strengths and helps Paul resolve your weaknesses. Plus, reading up on the topic covered in your next lesson before you go out offers an immediate head start and maximum value for money. As an instructor, Paul is exemplary. He is patient and considered, and the atmosphere in the car is relaxed but focused. As much as I am looking forward to driving on my own, I will definitely miss my weekly lesson with Paul!

Ellie PinnockEllie Pinnock
Ellie passed her test with a great drive and finished it at the end with a perfect bay park. After passing her test, Ellie has gained her independence and has now been able to commute in her own car to her new job.

Emma RobbinsEmma Robbins
As soon as I was 17 I wanted to start driving and my family recommended Paul to teach me. He has been a fantastic instructor with his friendly, patient approach and being very generous with his timings, making sure everything was covered before moving on. I also found the workbook really helpful for going over what we did in each lesson. Paul has taught me to drive safely and confidently and I would definitely recommend him to other people. Thank you Paul!

Josh SpenceJosh Spence
As soon as i turned 17 i wanted to start driving, so my friends and family recommended Paul to teach me how to drive and now i would definitely recommend him to others! Paul was really helpful and patient with me which helped my confidence grow within the first few lessons. He is also very generous with his timings and he structured the lessons well and gave you as much time as you need before moving on to the next stage of driving. The LDC book was very helpful and allowed me to go over the lessons i just had and read up on lessons i was going to have. With Paul's help i am now able to drive safely, and with confidence on my own. Thank you Paul!!

Susanna HarrisSusanna Harris
Fantastic instructor, I would definitely recommend! Paul really helped me to be safe on the roads and feel confident to drive. He would put the extra time in and effort into helping me. I am really grateful for all the effort and support he has given me. Thank you.

Emily NeilEmily Neil
Many of my friends had recommended Paul to me, and booking my driving lessons with him is one of the best decisions I've made! He helped me to feel confident and comfortable whilst driving, which I know will stand me in good stead for many years to come. He is a great instructor and I'd recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Thank you Paul!

Sarah StribleySarah Stribley
Learning to drive was something I wanted to do as soon as I turned 17. Despite being nervous, Paul's patience helped my confidence grow within a few lessons. The LDC scheme and workbook helped me greatly as I could read up on the upcoming lessons and complete the quizzes making sure that I fully understood what was being taught. Without Paul's help I know I wouldn't have been able to pass first time and I am grateful to him as the skills he taught me will stay with me in the future. I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive!

Asma KhanAsma Khan
Believe me or not, I was with a famous Driving Instructor Company for 14 months and ended up with 4 fail attempts which not only caused financial set-back but also had negative impact on my ability to drive again. I changed my instructor to LDC and had Paul as my driving instructor. Paul carefully did a root cause analysis of my past failures and coached me towards fresh training. I took nearly 20 hours of lessons with Paul and he went through a work book to give me additional learning material. Because of Paul's unique style of teaching, it made the whole learning experience more relaxed and enjoyable on the road. I passed my test and now I highly recommend LDC & Paul to my friend's, family & colleagues who want to pass their driving test. Give LDC a chance to make this experience a memorable one.

Kerry BrownKerry Brown
Kerry had been driving as a provisional driver for a few years, but had never got round to taking her driving test. After a few top up lessons, Kerry took her test and did a fantastic drive to pass first time and this has now changed her life as she is now able to drive her young family around on her own and not having to rely on family and friends for lifts.

Abe BredinAbe Bredin
Abe did a great drive in his driving test and passed first time.

Martin O'RourkeMartin O'Rourke
Before I started learning with Paul, I knew nothing about cars. I had previously hated the idea of driving for the fear that I would be likely to crash and now I am very proud to say that not only did I pass my driving test, but I did it first time! This is hugely down to Paul's top quality tuition. It took me a long time to find the nerve to pick up the phone and ring an instructor and when Paul was recommended to me, I eventually did it and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I undertook the semi-intensive course, paying for three lots of 10-hour block lessons and a few extras before passing my driving test in a period of 10 weeks. Paul's passion for driving and experience has been instilled in me and I know that learning with Paul has ensured that I will be a confident and safe driver for the rest of my life. I hope that others can share the feeling I have received from passing, and I can only strongly recommend Paul to those that ask who they should learn with. I hope to do a pass plus course in future and I have no doubt in my mind that I'll once again be choosing Paul to do the course with. Thanks a lot Paul!

David ForrestDavid Forrest
I was terrified of learning to drive, especially as all of my friends passed years ago. Paul didn't just teach me to drive, but made me enjoy it. As soon as I got into Pauls car I was instantly put at ease. He lets you progress at your own comfortable pace and encourages you to improve lesson by lesson. Paul is a lovely genuine person and I can't recommend him highly enough. I managed to pass first time with two minors and I definitely couldn't of done it without Paul. Thank you so much!

Peter WhitePeter White
After having a few breaks from driving while learning to drive during his Uni years in Sheffield, Peter decided to complete his lessons at home in Mid-Sussex and booked a Mid-way Pass course before starting a new job and passed his test first time with flying colours with a great drive. Good luck in your new career Peter.

Stephanie ChambersStephanie Chambers
Stephanie took a break from learning to drive to go to Uni, but came back in the summer to complete her driving lessons and passed her test first time with a very nice drive with only 3 minor faults.

Emma JonesEmma Jones
For someone who said they would never drive, to passing first time was the best thing ever! I could not have done that without Paul. He has been an amazing instructor, he was so patient with me and this allowed me to learn in my own time. Choosing LDC was a brilliant choice, after just looking online at driving schools i came across Paul and the LDC system. It worked really well with me, and i definitely benefited from the workbook and DVD. I was able to go back over the lessons on the DVD and freshen my memory before turning up for my next lesson. Paul has a very calm approach to driving, which helped me as i was convinced i would never get behind the wheel of car!! His approach allowed me to relax and build up confidence. I could not of asked for a better instructor, and i would recommend Paul to anyone who is looking at learning to drive! Thank you very much!

Louis JacksonLouis Jackson
Louis had a brilliant test drive and passed his test first time with no faults. Congratulations Louis!
I had been advised to use Paul from both friends and family both of whom had passed and are now accomplished drivers, and it is a decision I am glad I chose, as learning with Paul had been fantastic. His friendly personality helps ease any nerves and improved my confidence as a driver. The thrill of being able to drive independently is incredible. And the moment I passed my test and heard my result was something i don't think I could forget, i was genuinely lost for words! I have had such a great time learning with Paul and really do feel as if he has taught me the best way to drive, and someone i urge many other people to use as you will not regret it!

Emma KestertonEmma Kesterton
Paul has been a fantastic instructor. Having stopped and started lessons with different instructors in the past, it was really helpful to stick to the structure of his workbook to ensure everything got covered and every lesson achieved something. It let me read over topics before and after lessons so I could get the most out of the actual driving time. Paul was very patient and encouraging at points where I lacked confidence, and I never felt unsafe. His teaching was clear and friendly, and I was thrilled to pass first time. Thanks Paul!

Mark CantellowMark Cantellow
After being a passenger in a very serious accident many years ago, I was fearful of ever driving myself. As time went on I found not being able to drive was holding me back so started lessons to see if I could conquer my considerable fear. However, after trying two different driving instructors who lacked patience, or any understanding of what I had experienced in my accident, I gave up believing that driving was just not going to happen for me. Some time later I happened to chance upon Paul's website and, from looking at his testimonials and seeing how the excellent LDC programme worked, I decided to give driving one last try. It was now or never. From the moment I contacted Paul I knew I had made the right choice. He simply advised me to try one lesson with him and see how I felt…. I never looked back! Paul completely understood my nervousness as was able to put me at ease with his patient and caring approach. It is clear that he has a passion for helping his pupils to learn how to drive safely and at their own pace. The LDC plan is very easy to follow and the workbook and DVD are fantastic ways to reinforce everything that is taught during a lesson. I found the course interesting and informative but most of all I found it helped me to see very easily the progress I was making and what was to come. After years of believing I would never drive a car I actually passed my test first time! If, like me, you are nervous about learning to drive, or simply want to find an excellent driving instructor that will see you achieve your goal of passing the driving test then please look no further than Paul Conquest. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Lauren BrownLauren Brown
When I started learning to drive I was nervous, but Paul was very patient and although he allowed me to take my time so I was comfortable, he also encouraged me to push myself even when I didn't think I could do the manoeuvre or skill he was teaching yet, and I often surprised myself. I picked up basic skills a lot quicker than I predicted that I would, and feel that the step by step plan Paul uses to teach was a great help as it meant that you became confident on a topic before you moved on to the next related or more difficult stage. it was enjoyable learning to drive with Paul, as he is professional but friendly and made sure you were comfortable and confident every step of the way. I would recommend him for learning to drive to all of my friends, as I passed first time and am now at ease when driving, and the skills and knowledge I learnt in my lessons with him have stayed with me as a driver. Thank you Paul.

Angela WhiteAngela White
I was a bit nervous when I started learning to drive but I soon found that I had nothing to worry about. From the first lesson Paul was incredibly patient and kind, he made me feel really calm and confident about driving and I always felt 100% safe. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough, he is a fantastic instructor and a lovely person too. I found the LDC system really useful as it helped me to understand all the skills I needed to develop, and this could be done outside of lesson time which makes the course excellent value for money. I'm thrilled to have passed my test and have really enjoyed my lessons with Paul. THANK YOU!!

Sapan GiriSapan Giri
I had started with a well known national driving school, but was disappointed with the quality of the instructor assigned, thus looked for other options, and LDC, as it seemed, became the right choice. Paul is an excellent instructor and has a patience of a saint. Calmness around a new driver brings equal influence and that is what impressed me most about Paul, even when I panicked. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is willing to emulate best practices whilst learning to drive. I will be taking up the Pass Plus course with him as well. As I have mentioned to Paul I wouldn't have earned the pass certificate without Paul's teachings and more importantly learnt best practices. Many thanks Paul.

Sally O'PreySally O'Prey
I chose to learn with Paul after he was recommended to me by a number of people at my college who loved learning to drive with Paul. Paul had a very calm and collective approach when teaching me how to drive which made me feel less anxious and more relaxed when learning. Paul was always so patient with me and was always willing to answer any questions or queries that I had, he always made sure I understood before we carried on with the next part of the lesson. Having the LDC workbook was very helpful is it meant I could read the next lesson in advance or read over lessons which I was less confident with. I was over the moon when I passed first time with only 2 minors, I would strongly recommend Paul and LDC as I had such a great experience.

James WillerJames Willer
I carried out the Semi-intensive driving course with Paul as I wanted to pass in a short amount of time and ever since my first lesson I knew I have made the right choice of instructor. Paul made me feel at ease and relaxed from the very beginning and showed great patience. Every lesson was extremely benefiting and I came away with a sense of improvement in my driving which provided me with great confidence. The lessons were very well planned and Paul explained what the lesson objectives and outcomes of the lessons where and I came away from each lesson looking forward greatly to the next one. Furthermore the workbook and DVD pack provided a welcome addition to the lessons which enhanced my development and understanding of driving. Paul flexibility allowed me to carry out my lessons around my studying and with Paul's guidance I was able to pass first time within 6 weeks. I could not have asked for a better driving instructor and would recommend Paul to anyone. Thanks Paul!

Jordan DayJordan Day
Having taken multiple driving lessons with previous instructors for over a year, I was glad to have the opportunity to train with Paul. His methodical and effective teaching skills and proven knowledge took my skills and and driving ability to a new level. I would recommend the 15 Hour Intensive, it was the perfect answer for getting me through my test. Thanks to Paul I now have the confidence and the skills that I believe is necessary for me to drive safely.

Nisha JivramNisha Jivram
Paul has been an excellent instructor, who has taught me everything I need to know about driving. He has been very patient throughout my driving and his calm nature has helped me with my confidence on the road. The LDC system is well structured and is a great step by step guide. I will definitely miss the banter with Paul and I would recommend everyone to go with LDC and have Paul as an instructor. I now proudly hold my licence and cannot wait to do my motorway course in the near future. Thanks again Paul, could'nt have done it without you!

Annie BlissAnnie Bliss
Learning to drive with Paul was a great experience as he was patient, flexible and made me feel at ease. I heard about him through a friend, and am very glad I went with their advice! I found the specially-tailored LDC workbook extremely useful throughout the course, particularly in the run-up to the test in refreshing my memory and reinforcing what I had learnt. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul as a reassuring and easy-going instructor, who's guidance enabled me to pass first time. Thank you very much Paul!

Alex McGregorAlex McGregor
I heard about Paul from a friend, who recommended him as a good instructor, having taught both her and her brother to learn to drive. I would definitely endorse that recommendation. I found Paul to be a first class instructor, being very thorough with the lessons and making sure I understood everything that was required and how to do it. The LDC system worked for me. The workbook and DVD were really useful for getting to grip with the basics even before getting in the car. Overall I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Conquest as a driving instructor and would like to thank him for helping me pass first time.

Bethany MorterBethany Morter
Learning to drive with Paul was a great decision, LDC had a great lesson structure and the workbook enabled me to read up on the following week's lessons to plan ahead. Paul was extremely patient and made me feel comfortable and at ease when I was learning to drive and this has now encouraged me to be calm and patient on the road following the passing of my driving test. Overall Paul was a great instructor and I wouldn't have passed my test without the help and support that he gave me. Many thanks Paul, I couldn't have done it without you!! Bethany looks a very happy person proudly holding her test pass certificate with one hand and the other hand making a zero as she not only passed first time, but managed to display an exceptional drive throughout her test with no minor faults at all.

Matthew PayneMatthew Payne
Matthew was only 10 years old and used to wait for his Dad to come back from his driving lesson when I was teaching his Dad to drive 7 years ago. Now he has followed in his Father's footsteps and passed his test and is now able to travel to work on four wheels instead of two.

David AyerstDavid Ayerst
From my first meeting with Paul, his calm approach made me instantly relaxed and safe. Before each lesson we would go through the lesson aims. Before progressing he made sure I was confident and was always willing to explain points further. You could track your progress with the driving skills workbook which was filled in after each lesson. This book also had information on the different lessons and the key learning points. I would recommend Paul as he was a great instructor who would always praise and encourage you. Thanks again Paul.

Helen IrwinHelen Irwin
Throughout my learning experience I found Paul was a great driving instructor as he explained what I needed to do and how to do it. The work book helped me also, as it showed me what I would be doing in my next lesson, then I could review each lesson and monitor my progress. By the time of my driving test, I felt safe in the car and at ease behind the wheel. When I first starting driving I could barely keep over my side of the road let alone pass my test. I passed my test first time with 3 minors and am very pleased with myself, I couldn't of done it without Paul.

Megan HolmesMegan Holmes
A friend recommended Paul to me after her and a few of her friends had used him and all managed to pass first time! I had a great driving experience with Paul and he made sure that we practiced every lesson objective until it was spot on. By the time my test date came round I felt confident that I was ready as Paul's standard of teaching was excellent. Also, the Driving Skills Workbook was extremely useful and I have even used it to remind me of how to carry out manoeuvres correctly since passing. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone that was looking for an instructor, thank you for all the help!

Arthur HillArthur Hill
Paul was recommended to me by a friend who said his calm and level headed manner was hugely beneficial in learning to drive. This was certainly true and Paul as an instructor goes a long way to helping you feel comfortable and remaining composed whilst driving. The clear structure of the lessons coupled with the LDC workbook definitely help you to understand how to progress as a driver and made learning to drive a lot less daunting than you could initially expect. I would like to thank Paul and LDC for helping me to pass and would thoroughly recommend them to people looking to learn.

Rob UsherRob Usher
Paul was recommended to me by several of my colleagues. I had had a few lessons previously with a separate instructor, however I needed to start from scratch after an illness had stopped me from learning to drive for a number of months. Through weekly lessons Paul took me back to the basics of driving, systematically and thoroughly taking me through everything I could expect from a driving test. As someone who works 9.00-5.30 Monday to Friday, Paul's flexibility in offering me evening lessons was a real help. Thanks entirely to Paul's tuition, I passed my driving test first time! I would certainly recommend Paul to anyone looking to start learning to drive.

Lauren BellLauren Bell
I chose a semi intensive course with Paul, as I was very keen on passing as quickly as I could yet at a comfortable pace. I started my lessons knowing very little about driving, but with the help and support from both Paul, and the DVD/Workbook, my confidence and skills developed every lesson. As a driving instructor, Paul put me at ease from the very beginning, with his chatty, honest, and calming personality. With his structured lessons, he got me fully prepared for my test, which I passed first time after just 6 weeks. I am extremely happy with my experience, and would definitely recommend Paul to anyone wanting to get behind the wheel! Thanks for all your time and support Paul!

Brandon WillisBrandon Willis
Brandon is a very keen footballer who plays for his local town football club and was very keen to learn to drive to enable him to get to training and matches as well as to and from college. He passed his theory test, then just before he was able to book his practical test, he got a football injury, which put him on crutches. Brandon needed time to recover from the injury and after a 2 month break was soon back to driving and managed to pass 1st time with only 2 minor faults.

Lucy RobertsLucy Roberts
Paul had been recommended to me by some of his previous pupils, and like them, I passed first time! He was very generous with his time and made sure you were confident with one thing before moving onto the next. The LDC driving skills workbook was very useful and enabled me to read through the forthcoming lesson so I could prepare before getting into the car, which then saved time during the lesson. Thanks Paul for all your help, advice and time.

Joe CareyJoe Carey
I was so keen to pass as soon as possible, to beat my sister and to be independent. Driving has been the best thing about my life so far, and I hope to enjoy many years ahead. I have felt that Paul has been a fantastic instructor. He has all the time in the world for you and is happy to quash any worries you may have. My highlight has to be keeping my Mum in suspense before telling her I passed, a brilliant experience and I urge you all to go with LDC and Paul.

Louisa SuttonLouisa Sutton
Louisa was recommended to me from a college friend who had passed a few weeks earlier. Louisa had been having driving lessons, but was unhappy with her previous instructor. After an assessment drive, it became clear there were a few skills missing from having no structure in her previous lessons, as well as new skills she still had to learn. Louisa really enjoyed her driving and put all her new skills into practise with me and gaining further practise in her own car. She passed her test first time with only 1 minor fault and the driving examiner said. Thank you, that was a really nice drive, if there was an example of how it should be done, that was it.

Ben CarterBen Carter
It has been a truly great experience to learn to drive with Paul. With his guidance and well structured lessons I managed to pick up all of the skills he taught me within no time at all. I gained a huge amount of confidence out on the road whilst learning, and this enabled me to concentrate on manoeuvres and my safety as well as the safety of other road users around me. I would not have passed my test without the time and support that Paul provided. Thank you!

Alex KingdonAlex Kingdon
Alex passed his test with a good confident drive and only one minor. Rather than phone his Mum with the good news , he wanted to keep it secret until we met her in Tesco's car park. As soon as his Mum appeared, the greatest smile ever gave the game away that he had passed with flying colours. Even though it was pouring with rain, here is Alex still smiling with his pass certificate being kept safely dry inside my car.

Ellie WrightEllie Wright
I knew I wanted to drive at the earliest opportunity, so as soon as I was 17, the application for the licence was in the post! Choosing LDC was the best thing I did to achieve my ambition. Paul, my instructor was extremely calm and patient with me, and there were times he needed to be! The work book provided by LDC was really helpful and reassured me that I was making good progress. I could see exactly what I had done and most importantly what I still needed to do. After all Paul's guidance I am delighted I passed my test, first time, with only 1 minor. I am really really enjoying the freedom having my own car and the independence driving has given me and I will not regret for one second starting my lessons when I did.

Natasha TulettNatasha Tulett
I have no doubt that learning to drive with Paul and LDC was the best choice I could have made for driving. The standard of teaching was all I could've hoped for, with the use of the workbook and well structured lessons making learning an easy and very enjoyable experience. Paul was the perfect teacher for me providing support and making me feel comfortable and safe when driving, gaining as much as possible from each lesson without cutting any corners. Driving with Paul has taught me to be calm and comfortable on the road and provided me with all skills possible for ensuring myself and others safety when driving. Paul has been supportive and positive throughout my whole driving experience and I could not thank him enough for all his time and efforts - I couldn't have done it without his help. I now feel prepared for a safe lifetime of driving and am so grateful to Paul for providing this, and would recommend Paul and the LDC method to anyone learning to drive. Thank you!

Rebecca BowmanRebecca Bowman
Learning to drive with LDC was the perfect choice and learning with Paul only exaggerated this decision. The high quality service was friendly yet very professional and I gained confidence and experience behind the wheel that enabled me to pass my test first time. Paul was extremely patient and made me feel very comfortable. I always looked forward to my weekly lesson in which we had a structured lesson scheme so I always knew what we were going to do which helped me to learn faster. Paul made sure I had gone through and perfected each lesson objective before moving onto the next, so not only did my driving improve all the time, but so did my confidence and enjoyment in driving. The Driving Skills Workbook was very usefull as I could look back after each lesson and go through anything i didnt understand and read up on things to consolidate my new knowledge. I will miss Paul (and his car!) when driving in the future - THANK YOU FOR ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE PUT IN AND THE HELP YOU HAVE GIVEN ME!

Josi TrotterJosi Trotter
My birthday was in the summer holidays so I wanted to learn as quickly as possible, LDC was a great system for me because using my workbook, I could read up on the next lesson before I had it. Paul was a great teacher and was so supportive, especially in the time leading up to my test as i was so nervous. But all his help paid off because I passed first time and I am so grateful to Paul for that because I couldn't have done it without him!

Josie GrantJosie Grant
I chose Paul after being recommended by many friends as a great instructor. My experience with Paul was brilliant and would highly recommend him to anyone! He was very patient and professional and took the time to ensure that I learnt not only how to pass the test but to be calm and competent on the road. The LD system of tuition was very structured and ensuring you worked through everything and didn't waste any time. Thank you Paul